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No matter where you are in your writing, chances are you have experienced getting stuck. Either you have trouble getting started, maintaining or finding momentum, wrestling with a scene, story arc, character development, or emotional quagmire, finding a quiet place to write (in your head and your surrounds), or other barrier to getting the words on the page.

Maybe you have been challenged by what to do when you have finished your draft – who will read it for you? who will edit? who will transcribe your dictation? who will help you get your book sent to agents, to get it published?

Whether you are cruising along, just getting started, stuck in the weeds, or mired in the mud, The Writers’ Salon is here to help. With a wide net of resources for writing and administration, residential and virtual retreats, on-line open mike events, a coaching roster, connections, and introductions, community building, encouragement without pressure, The Writers’ Salon offers bespoke solutions, inspiration, and support.


Here, at Writers’ Salon events, you’ll find an enclave where you’ll receive mentoring and support -- and you can just focus on creation and reflection.



The Writers’ Salon is bespoke because it is built around you and your needs—but it’s not elite.


It’s a little bit retreat, but it’s also an advancing. We provide escape, but we also provide support, mentoring, along with inspiring and energetic experiences.


These are all talk, no work! With the Writers’ Salon, the experience is so inspiring and energizing -- plus you’ve escaped your distractions! You don’t need more distractions. You need energy and focus.


The Writers' Salon events, such as Writer in Residence events, include curriculum, Salon Dinners, and an hour of reading and sharing. After a day of self-guided writing at your own pace, discovery, hiking, or adventure, participants gather with the Writer in Residence for a Salon Session in a private home ("The Salon"). During the daily Salon Session, there is a family style Salon Dinner where the participants and featured Writer gather for a meal under the roof of an inspired host, to amuse each other and refine their tastes and increase their knowledge of all through conversation and community.

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