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A Boutique Enclave in a Salon Setting
to Exchange Ideas and Enhance the Writer in All of Us Through Curriculum and Community
Based in Park City, Utah
Join us in 2022



What is the benefit of The Writers’ Salon?

The Writers’ Salon is different than many writer’s groups, forums, and programs. The Writers’ Salon is a boutique enclave in the writing community intended to fortify and support writers in all stages of their writing life by providing residential and virtual opportunities for generative writing and craft lessons and conversations. Intellectually rigorous and emotionally supportive, The Writers’ Salon is not mired down by ego or rigid curriculum, we create an environment to support you getting the words onto the page.

Whether for the first draft or putting the polish on a project, we have generated the container for that to happen. The Writers’ Salon provides a platform of support, community, and wisdom of all who participate, including published authors, artisan writers, and novice storytellers. If you are serious about getting your words on the page, and seek a collective for support, inspiration, and musing, The Writers’ Salon is worth a look.

Options for virtual and residential generative retreats, pressure free open mike events via Zoom, Writer in Residence events, a roster and introductions to a variety of writing coaches, mentors, and craft workshops, solitary or group generative time, cuisine, artisan cocktails, craft coffee, or formal tea service in the afternoon, we have what it takes to help you bring your best product to the page, and to be comfortable while you are doing it.

Coming soon: Transcription services, proof reading, and initial editing, administrative and logistical support for proposal submissions.

a photo of the lodge at whitehawk ranch


We create bespoke writing, artistic and energetic experiences to enhance the generation of art and the experience of creation and reflection.

a photo of Anne Cameron sitting in a field of flowers with a notebook




A boutique enclave and concierge to cultivate and support the artist and writer in all of us.

What’s been in the way? Lack of time? Need to escape? Need the right kind of nurturing environment? Need skills, support and wisdom -- mentorship?


Here, at Writers’ Salon events, you’ll find an enclave where you’ll receive mentoring and support -- and you can just focus on creation and reflection.


The Writer’s Salon facilitates the connection of the writer to the page, and to other writers and mentors. We have cultivated a physical space conducive to generative writing and editing, with the added benefit of a nightly craft talk with dinner, and salon community with the Writer in Residence. Anchored at Whitehawk Ranch, our flagship Writer in Residence events provide writers with lovely mountain accommodations, two meals a day, an in-person craft talk from a member of our roster of professionals, evening salon environment and conversation, and the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring/craft sessions with the Writer in Residence.

We are generating a roster of professional book and essay coaches and editors, as well as planning for a future virtual forum and open mike nights. The Writers’ Salon will make introductions to writing coaches and mentors and help members find the right person to help with current and/or future projects. 

In the future, we plan to offer transcription services, proof reading, and initial editing, as well as administrative and logistical support for proposal submissions.


The Writers’ Salon provides a hybrid experience of wisdom, experience, innovation, and fresh faces to embrace cultural conversations and artisan writers.

Our residential location at Whitehawk Ranch in the Lost Sierras is a naturally rich and fertile environment for professional and novice writers to continue to develop projects, find inspiration, and participate in the community of writers.

Online or in residence, our roster of published professional writing coaches and authors, create the community you need to advance your writing and enhance your personal pollination in the literary world as an artist.

Whether you are just getting started or are a published author looking for immersion or the elusive catalyst to bring your project to completion, The Writers’ Salon is a forum to optimize your voice.


The Writers’ Salon offers one-on-one, group, and community platforms to encourage and inspire.


Writing can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be with The Writers’ Salon. Find your community, large or small, introvert or extrovert, support or innovation.


The Writers’ Salon can help with our Writer in Residence Program, connections and introductions to writing coaches, mentors and agents for your project, online community and open mike events, submission service administration, proof reading and transcription services.

The Writers’ Salon not only provides a place to write and incubate on a project, but also a community of connections to help network and promote and fortify your writing and expression.


The Writers’ Salon offers four weeks of residency opportunities per year which include a round table dinner each evening for craft talk discussions and community building.


Early spring and summer sessions are each one week, and the autumn offers a two-week session to cultivate a more intense writing immersion experience.


In addition to the nightly salon conversations, we offer ala carte options for intensive one-on-one sessions with the Writer in Residence, serenity and self-care while writing, small group sessions, and nature release, reboot, and refresh activities (hiking/biking/rafting/fishing/recreation).


With our concierge offerings, we aim to cultivate and establish an opportunity for like-minded creators and innovators to come together in a physical and emotionally comfortable space for them to incubate, create, generate and reflect on their arts and projects.

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The Writers' Salon

3421 Cedar Drive | Park City, Utah 84098

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